Test Day's

If you’re still hesitating, don’t worry! Contact us and we will dispel your doubts! Order the first trial set at a lower price and check the Taste of Health with CityDiet! Now you can order a trial set for 3 days! You can only place a trial order once per address.

Your daily meal doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous.
Do you want to know what our dietary catering tastes like
and why is it so tasty? See for yourself that it is worth staying with us for longer.
We guarantee − you will fall for our flavours!

Take advantage of the trial period and order a trial set now at a preferential price for 3 days.
The trial diet is a wholesome set of 5 meals: breakfast, elevenses, lunch,
dessert and dinner, which in no way differs from the standard sets
provided by us. You can order a trial set only once!

Choose one of our eight diets in the selected calorific value, and we will provide you
with 5 balanced meals for the whole day:

  • Meat & Vege
  • Stay Healthy (immunity) 
  • Vegan
  • Vege & Fish
  • Gluten Free
  • Sport
  • Low IG
  • Low Carb

You can order a trial set of 5 full meals from PLN 52.00 per day.
Now you can order a trial set for up to 3 days!

Test the dishes and let us know if you liked them.
If you are delighted (just as we are) − do not wait,
just order the full package for a longer period!





Try our other diets:

Meat & Vege

If you like meat meals and a bouquet of vegetables on your plate, you choose healthy and balanced meals, then this diet is dedicated to you.



A vegan diet that completely eliminates meat, fish, seafood and animal products such as dairy or eggs. The abundance of vegetables and fruits present on your table every day. Contains micro- and macronutrients necessary to meet your nutritional needs.


Vege & Fish

Perfect for fish lovers and herbivores. The menu includes fish and seafood. Enriched with legumes and dairy products, thanks to which you will maintain your inner balance.


Gluten Free

Prepared for people who want to eliminate gluten from their diet. A diet rich in gluten-free grains, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and seafood. The best solution for people with hypersensitivity or intolerance to gluten.



Targeted at people actively practising sports, whose demand for proteins, carbohydrates and fats is much higher than in the case of a standard diet. The menu includes plant products, dairy products, eggs, various types of meat and sea fish.


Stay Healthy (immunity)

This solution is for those who want to focus on the body’s immunity. Thanks to this diet you will be bursting with energy, no weather will be terrible and you will forget about colds!


Low Carb

Unnecessary kilograms keep you awake at night? Do you expect quick results? We will take care of the reduction of carbohydrates in your diet, so that you can feel the difference after a few days, but without losing your vitality.


Low IG (low glycemical index)

A diet suitable for people with sugar disorders, including insulin resistance and diabetes. It is also a proposal for those who want to reduce body weight and opt for healthy eating. The diet is in line with the recommendations of the Polish Diabetes Society 2021, prepared by a SOIT (School of Insulinresistance Therapy) specialist.