Low IG (low glycemical index)

A diet suitable for people with sugar disorders, including insulin resistance and diabetes. It is also a proposal for those who want to reduce body weight and opt for healthy eating. The diet complies with the recommendations of the Polish Diabetes Society for 2021.


About diet

The diet consists of 5 meals: breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.
The dishes are rich in nuts, seeds and vegetable oils. It provides wholesome protein from fish, eggs
or dairy products, as well as from plant sources such as lentils or chickpeas.
The diet is rich in vegetables. There will also be a place for a healthy dessert that will not cause a rapid increase in blood glucose levels. The sources of carbohydrates are wholemeal pasta, brown rice or 2000 flour bread

Thanks to the diet, you will feel a surge of energy, you will not be drowsy after meals,
and the blood glucose level will normalise. The dishes are filling, large in volume due to the high proportion of vegetables with a low energy value.

This diet is prepared for you by Anna Zięba, SOIT (School of Insulinresistance Therapy) specialist, recommended for insulin-resistant people by the INSULINRESISTANCE Foundation. It is the only foundation in Poland and Europe that deals with the topic of insulin resistance.


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Take advantage of the trial period and order a trial set now at a preferential price for 3 days.
The trial diet is a wholesome set of 5 meals: breakfast, elevenses, lunch, dessert and dinner,
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We are ECO

Our meals are served in 100% recyclable packages. We use Eco-friendly packaging. They do not contain harmful substances. All CityDiet dishes are delivered in paper bags. We do not like disposable solutions, so we recommend using your own cutlery, but if you want to order it additionally, you will get a biodegradable version!


Small Box

Are five meals too much for you? No problem! Compose your daily diet yourself.
You can skip any meal by creating a four- or three-course daily menu.
You can compose the Small Box set for each of our diets.

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Test Day's

If you’re still hesitating, don’t worry! Contact us and we will dispel your doubts! Order the first trial set at a lower price and check the Taste of Health with CityDiet! Now you can order a trial set for 3 days!

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