…is a concept that we deliver to your home every day. Our meals are always fresh and balanced, because we believe that diet translates into health and well-being.


By using CityDiet dietary catering, you can take care of your health, figure, save valuable time,
and taste unusual dishes prepared by award-winning chefs and confectioners.
Using our box diet is a great culinary journey, discovering new tastes and original combinations.


What makes us special?

Excellent taste!

We have fantastic chefs: Tomasz Zdrenka − the winner of the prestigious industry competition
for the Polish Culinary Cup!
With this team we create culinary wonders never seen in box diet!



Environmentally-friendly packaging − there is no room for compromise

Our meals are served in 100% recyclable packages. We use Eco-friendly packaging.
They do not contain harmful substances. All CityDiet dishes are delivered in paper bags.
We do not like disposable solutions, so we recommend using your own cutlery,
but if you want to order it additionally, you will get a biodegradable version!






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